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      1. ABOUT US
        Professional R & D Team

        Our R&D team consists of more than 20 staff, which is capable of providing a serial services including grade selection guidance, rubber compounding formulation guidance, new product grade toll production, high level grade product development, after sales technical support,etc. The top management team of Weifang Polygrand Chemical pays great attention on new product grade development, so we build a world leading technical center owing a R&D team with rich experiences in chlorinated polymers and equipped with all the necessary test equipments. Our technical center and lab. are authorized as “Important Technical center” and “Important lab for chlorinated polymers”.

        Tel.: +86 536 8896092    Fax.: +86 536 8896285

        Factory: Weifang Changyi Binhai (Xiaying) Economic Development Zone, Weifang, Shandong, China

        Sales Dept.: Room 501,Beihai No.1 F Hotel,Kuiwen Zone,Weifang City,261041 Shandong Province,China


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