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      1. ABOUT US
        Complete Inspections Equipment

        Weifang Polygrand Chemical builds an independent technical center, with a full range of test and inspection equipment necessary for CPE industry, including Rubber preparation and vulcanization equipment, Rubber Physical properties test equipment, Rubber thermal property test equipment, Chemical analysis devices, Electric properties test equipment, Rubber processing properties test equipment and Samples storage room, etc.Advanced production method and world-of-art production plant, Strong technical power, Accurate production parameters control, we ensure that we supply our customers with the exact product specifications that they need, and we ensure that the product quality .

        Tel.: +86 536 8896092    Fax.: +86 536 8896285

        Factory: Weifang Changyi Binhai (Xiaying) Economic Development Zone, Weifang, Shandong, China

        Sales Dept.: Room 501,Beihai No.1 F Hotel,Kuiwen Zone,Weifang City,261041 Shandong Province,China


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